Construction engineering and management services

Construction engineering covers the entire gamut of designing, planning and managing the construction of large civil projects such as highway overpasses, dams and bridges. The construction engineer is a hybrid; he is half civil engineer and half construction manager.

Although he may be a hybrid, he must be either one or the other in truth. The construction engineer is an engineer, and he can sit the exams for professional engineering status. A construction manager cannot. Both are employed on projects requiring construction engineering in Austin. The engineer is more focused on the design aspect of the project whereas the construction manager is more focused on the procedural side of the project, including personnel management, construction procedures and methods employed.

The aim of both disciplines is the same; bring the project in on time and in budget.

The construction engineer is a man who wears many hats. Projects being undertaken by a firm involved in construction engineering in Austin will certainly have at least one construction engineer, often many more depending upon the job or the number of jobs being attended to simultaneously.

The construction engineer handles everything about the project, from the design to the day by day site management. Depending on the demands of the project the roles may vary but usually the construction engineer shares the same tasks with multiple projects. The plans for railroad projects, pipelines, bridges and more will be prepared by the firm involved in construction engineering in Austin.

Responsibilities of the construction engineer
Generally speaking, the company doing the construction engineering in Austin will take full responsibility for the entire planning of the project. This includes surveys, research, analysis, construction planning and daily site management. The parties to the project rely on the construction engineer to keep them fully informed about all aspects of the project.

On a day to day basis, his duties are variable depending upon the progress of the job. His responsibilities may start early with a site survey, this information, coupled with soil samples, etc., will be used in the preparation of the environmental impact study and report. Pre-construction responsibilities may involve the preparation of work-flow charts and diagrams, which show the work to be done and when it must be done to co-ordinate with other aspects.

Prior to the commencement of construction, soil samples will be gathered from bore hole drillings. These samples will provide the engineer with the data he needs to design the foundations and if necessary, the location of piles.

The group responsible for construction engineering in Austin will work with any other parties involved, advising them of any codes or regulations that must be abided by. It is a major task and those involved must possess a wealth of skills and specialist knowledge.

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