Cosmetic Dentistry

Dec 02, 11 Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many different types of things a cosmetic dentist Appleton, WI can do for you. The dentist can help you with things such as veneers, bridges to replace missing teeth, reshaping teeth and making them shorter or longer, whitening or bleaching of teeth as well as dental implants. These procedures can be a big boost to your self-esteem and therefore even your mental health. Lots of people, and especially insurance companies, consider the procedures performed by cosmetic dentists to be unnecessary or not needed. This may or may not be true as the procedures can make a huge difference in the confidence of a person and thus affect their whole life in some circumstances. If a person has stained or crooked teeth they may be quite unconfident. They may not want to go meet new people or be ambitious in their jobs or personal lives. Having a cosmetic dentist perform repairs and make improvements to their smile can make all the difference.

Reshaping the teeth is one of the areas that a dentist Appleton, WI can help you with. They can reshape the teeth and actually make them shorter or longer or round off any teeth that may be too pointy. This type of work performed by the dentist should be fairly painless since it affects only the enamel or outside of the teeth. The nerves, which cause the pain, are not in the enamel of the teeth. The procedure can also be completed quite quickly, even in as little as 30 minutes at times. Sometimes teeth look bad and need the dentist to use resin as a type of filling in the teeth to improve the look. This is the material that is used for filling cavities and is the color of teeth, not the silver fillings. Often, a patient may want to remove the silver fillings from their mouth and teeth and have them replaced with the resin or tooth colored fillings. These procedures can have a huge impact on the look of your teeth. This same resin can be used to make veneers to cover the tooth.

As you can see, a dentist Appleton, WI can really help you with the look of your teeth and give you much more confidence when you smile. This can help you feel much more confident.

Dentist Appleton, WI – Visit a dentist in Appleton, WI today to improve your smile! A Kramer Family Dentistry can help you make your teeth beautiful!

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