CPAs in Atlanta Provide More Services Than Just Tax Preparation

Jun 11, 21 CPAs in Atlanta Provide More Services Than Just Tax Preparation

It is common for business owners to hire a CPA to provide tax services. The CPA will prepare tax papers that can be turned in to the IRS. They can also provide tax strategies that will help the business save money and take advantage of credits and other options that are available to them. While it is true that CPAs are known for the tax services they provide, they also provide a variety of other valuable services.

A CPA can offer forensic accounting in Atlanta GA, services. This typically involves reconstructing destroyed financial records and performing investigations with the goal of seeing if fraudulent activities have occurred. Forensic accounting is a specialized accounting service. It is especially important to have the help of a professional in a circumstance where the business may be in jeopardy. The CPA can get to the root of the problem, uncover any fraudulent activities, and provide steps that the business can take to correct the situation.

A CPA can also audit the books of a client and provide an opinion or review of their financial statements. They can offer consulting services with the goal of helping a client improve their information systems. They can describe possible strategic options that businesses could use to improve. Some clients can benefit from the financial planning services offered by a CPA as well.

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