Creating a Buzz with your Trade Show Exhibit Displays

The public relations aspect of any trade show is very important but how do you attract exhibition visitors with your display so that you CAN engage them? Your trade show exhibit displays must create a buzz, attracting visitors quickly and leave a lasting impression of their visit. Marketing and networking go hand in hand at these events.

So how do you make this buzz happen? It is through careful planning, organization and expertise. Every aspect of the trade show must be examined including the location of your booth space within the building as well as the configuration of that space. The equipment required, marketing materials, demonstrations and exceptional staffing all play a part in imparting your overall message. What other aspects are important?

A Primary Focus for your Trade Show Exhibit Displays

A clean, streamlined display is best for promotions during trade shows. Too much clutter can be distracting. Choose one focal point of your product or service to highlight. Design of the booth space itself can attract positive attention as can strategic lighting. Special offers or promotions in the trade show’s informational booklet is important too. Hiring a company that specializes in creating displays for trade shows might be a good investment if you want to be the primary buzz of the trade show.

Give Stuff Away

Do you have any products with your brand name that might be perceived as valuable? Useful items are always a hit with visitors, particularly if these items can be used over and over again in their everyday lives. When you plan your trade show exhibit displays, consider what giveaways you can give to booth visitors. Instead of boring, uninspired pens or folders with your company logo, how about reusable, cloth shopping bags, flash drives or even a free app for their smart phones?

Employ Social Media and Technology

Visitors love hands-on experiences so why not set up product demonstrations or even virtual reality environments within your trade show exhibit displays? Have gaming contests or some other digital interaction, as long as it ties into your company’s products or services. Social media such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter can also garner some buzz for your trade show participation. Promotional contests, giveaways and other special offers communicated through social media before, during and after the event keeps people engaged.

The bottom line is that your trade show exhibit displays should be visually appealing to attract visitors. The employees manning the booth must be engaging to keep visitors there so that your company’s overall message is conveyed and shared. Giveaways and social media and technology are additional players in this marketing game. All of these things together can truly create some buzz at your next trade show or exhibition event.

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