Degaussing: Use the Only Proven Method to Remove Data

It takes a powerful demagnetizing process to truly and fully remove data from electronic media or a data storage device. That method is called degaussing, and it is the only proven method that guarantees data is destroyed for good. A hard drive degausser is used to reduce or eliminate any unwanted data, or magnetic field, that is stored on disk media or tape that’s on laptop hard drives, computers, reels, cartridge tapes, diskettes, and cassettes. When such items are exposed to the strong magnetic field of a degausser the data is then erased or neutralized. The service of degaussing guarantees that your old hard drives will be completely erased. It is also known as the standard method for data destruction. When you use professional degaussing services you are assured that high sensitive and private information is no longer accessible.

How Data Recording Works

In order to fully comprehend how degaussing can fully remove data, the process of how data is recorded needs to be understood. Hard drives were originally build to increase speed and reliability. A piece of metal that’s flat and circular, the platter, contains a chromium dioxide or iron oxide coating that’s extremely fine. The platter itself spins underneath a head that’s read/write. Tiny pulses of electricity go through the coil located in the head making the platter surface magnetized. Data is then recorded using binary code in a series of 0s and 1s in reverse pulse and magnetic pulses consecutively.

How Degaussing Works

A degausser erases data when it generates a magnetic field that’s powerful. A powerful magnetic field is known to erase data by removing the magnetic properties from the chromium dioxide or iron oxide coatings. This process effectively randomizes any recorded data pattern, as well. When you want to effectively erase data from old hard drives to protect your business, it’s time to contact hard drive degaussing specialists today.

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