Dental Crowns and Your Family Dentist in Sutherlin Oregon

Jan 10, 19 Dental Crowns and Your Family Dentist in Sutherlin Oregon

A dental crown is a certain type of restoration that covers, or completely encircles, teeth or dental implants. Crowns are often necessary when the cavity of a tooth threatens the health of another tooth. They are usually glued directly on the affected tooth using a type of dental cement. Crowns can be designed from many materials, as well as porcelain composites. For more information on crowns, contact your Family Dentist in Warren or continue reading.

This type of procedure is often used to improve the overall strength or the appearance of teeth, for aesthetic reasons. A dental crown in Sutherlin Oregon is undoubtedly beneficial to the health of the tooth, but the materials and procedure can be somewhat expensive. The method most commonly used involves using a mold of the patient’s teeth, something of which is created in a lab. The crown is then inserted in a follow-up appointment.

Other reasons to use a dental crown

There are other cases in which a dental crown is an option:
* An implant is to support tooth replacement, by directly fixing the jaw. Once the implant is in place and is properly integrated into the bone, it can be equipped with a number of different prostheses, such as crowns or bridges.

* When a patient looks for an aesthetic change, and other treatments are not possible, crowns may be the answer. If the patient’s dentition is too damaged and cannot be softened, or if there are large cavities, a dental crown may be the best solution to sustainably improve the aesthetics of the smile. Talk with your family dentist in Warren to decide the best option for you.

* The preparation of a tooth involves permanently removing much of the original material of the tooth, including the parts that may still be strong and healthy. Of all the materials currently available for making dental crowns, none are as good as the “natural” tooth. Teeth should be crowned only when the dentist examines the teeth and decides that there are no other alternatives (other than extraction). This can be a very complex procedure in some cases, so different dentists make different assessments (different formations, dissimilar experiences), which mean they can come to different conclusions regarding the treatment to be used.

For more information about crowns, or other dental procedures, contact Harvard Dental Group today.

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