Dental Implants Panama City, FL – Types of Implants

May 03, 19 Dental Implants Panama City, FL – Types of Implants

If you are thinking of having dental implants Panama City, FL, it is a good idea to learn a little more about what is available. There are several types of dental implants available for replacing lost teeth however not all implants are in use. The following implants are the most commonly used implants amongst dentists in the country.

The most commonly used implant is known as the endosteal implant. The name endosteal can be defined as ‘in the bone’. These implants come in various forms including screws, blades, or cylinders. They are fitted into the jawbone surgically. Each implant that is placed in the jaw can hold more than one tooth. This implant is commonly used for patients who already have dentures or bridges. The dental implants can be used as alternatives for these treatments.

The second type of implant that is commonly used today is the subperiosteal implant. The name subperiosteal is defined as ‘on the bone’. These implants are placed on top of the jaw as opposed to the endosteal implants mentioned above. In this case, the metal framework protrudes out of the gum. This framework is what holds the prosthesis in place. These types of dental implants Panama City, FL are often used for those patients with minimal bone height. These patients cannot wear normal dentures as a result of their minimal bone height.

Dental implants offer various advantages to other forms of tooth replacement. The most obvious advantage being the natural look they are able to achieve. If you decide to have implants, no one will ever know that you have had any dental work done. They look and feel just like your normal teeth do. Implants are a great way for you to gain back your lost confidence.

Implants are also much easier to take care of. You treat them just as you would your natural teeth. After you have had your implants inserted, your dentist will help you develop an oral care program to ensure that you will not have any problems with them in the future.

If you care about the long term health of your teeth, then dental implants Panama City, FL seem like the best choice. The placement of implants does not cause any interference with the neighboring teeth. The integrity of the teeth is therefore maintained. In addition to this, the implants are fitted into the jaw just like natural teeth are. The integrity of the teeth and the gums are therefore retained. The bone does not recede nor does the gum.

It is important to choose a qualified dentist to carry out the procedure for you. You will then be assured of having the best results.

It is important to have adequate information about the choices of Dental Implants Panama City, FL that are available so as to make a wise decision.

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