Do You Need a Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer, Find One in Stockton

Feb 19, 21 Do You Need a Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer, Find One in Stockton

Residents in Stockton who cannot work because of a disability may wonder how to get financial help. Many people turn to the Social Security Administration (SSA) to file a claim. This claim should show that you are disabled and cannot work, allowing you to get money from the government each month. However, the red tape you must deal with can be challenging, and it can be tough to get your case approved without an appeal. A social security disability benefits lawyer in Stockton can help you through the initial claim and any appeals, as well.

Do You Have to Hire Someone?

Of course, as with anything in life, you don’t have to hire legal counsel for anything. You can always go through the process yourself and deal with any issues that arise. The trouble is that you aren’t likely to know the rules or red tape and attorneys do. They can look over your initial claim to ensure that everything is done correctly. They can also help if you are denied and want to appeal the decision.

When to Hire Someone?

Another common question is when you should hire an attorney. While you can hire them anytime throughout the process, most people prefer to hire someone before even starting the claim.

However, if you’ve already tried to apply and can’t figure out the questions or have concerns, you can hire someone then. You can also hire legal counsel after you’ve sent in the initial claim if it was denied. Your attorney can help you fight the decision and ensure you have the appropriate medical documentation to prove your situation.

A social security disability benefits lawyer is there to help you throughout this challenging time. Contact Pena & Bromberg for more information.

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