Don’t Make These Mistakes When Choosing Heat Treating Services

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, you need to partner with dependable, reliable companies in your contract manufacturing for both small and large volume orders. There are several mistakes that OEMs can and do make when choosing these partners.

With just a few minutes of time and some careful checking, it is easy to avoid these errors and select from only the top heat treating services. Choosing the best company will help to avoid delays in production, ensure top quality control with all treatments provided and even offer a greater range of value-added services that can end up saving money and decreasing production time.

Not Considering All Heat Treatments Required

While some OEMs produce only one product and need only very limited services, most companies will have a range of heat treating services that are needed for multiple parts and components.

By choosing a single provider rather than using different heat treatment service providers for different jobs, it is possible to simplify the supply chain while also reducing the management and product oversight needs for multiple projects.

Not Tapping Into Expertise

Using an established, proven heat treatment company may result in passing on some very low bids for the job. However, this is more than offset by the expertise and experience these companies are able to provide.

In some cases, these companies may be able to recommend more advanced options in heat treating that can speed up the process, decrease the cost per unit and result in an end component with a longer life cycle.

These experienced companies also use the latest in technology and have the capacity and the capability to rapidly ramp up production as needed. Some even offer specialized heat treatment services at dedicated facilities, which ensures quality and production capacity is never a concern.

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