DUI Lawyer At The Law Office of Reuven J. Epstein

Jul 22, 13 DUI Lawyer At The Law Office of Reuven J. Epstein

The media has focused a great deal of attention in recent years on the public safety issues related to impaired drivers. The danger that exists to everyone when someone is operating a motor vehicle while under the influence is something very real and each day there are accidents with injuries or deaths to support that fact.

When a person has been charged with DUI, it is a charge that is much more than just a moving violation or a traffic ticket, it is a criminal charge. The ticket that a person gets for driving while impaired is something that can affect much more than just their driving record. Insurance rates can be affected and for some people, there are rate increases that can make them nearly unable to afford their car insurance.

In serious cases of DUI, vehicles can be seized and even if the car that was driven at the time of the arrest did not belong to the impaired driver, it is often almost nearly impossible to get the vehicle back. An entirely separate legal action must be undertaken in order to attempt recovery of a seized or impounded vehicle from a DUI case.

The DUI Lawyer Law Office of Reuven J. Epstein can help people who are facing a charge of impaired driving. This particular criminal charge is one that carries many potential repercussions for the defendant and it is wise to hire an experienced attorney to represent them in court for their case.

In situations where the DUI is a first time offense and there has not been an accident or any minor children in the car as passengers, there may be some room for negotiation with the attorney working toward getting the charge reduced if the prosecution is amenable to that. If there are aggravating factors in the arrest, negotiation may need to take a different course.

Only a qualified and experienced attorney, such as DUI Lawyer Law Office of Reuven J. Epstein can speak to the specific details of your case. Each arrest is a unique and different situation and the attorney who knows this area of law can analyze the arrest report and the facts that surround the charges that were filed.

A DUI charge is something that cannot be taken lightly, getting a good lawyer is a wise thing to do.


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