Enhance and Improve Your Smile, Insist on New York Lumineers

Jan 11, 19 Enhance and Improve Your Smile, Insist on New York Lumineers

The term “porcelain veneers” is quite common and most people are aware of what they do. Those wishing to improve their appearance and enhance their smile as well may not recognize the term New York Lumineers. Lumineers is a brand name. Lumineers are made from a special material called Celerinate®. They are extremely thin, so much so that the surface of the tooth does not have to be removed in order to permanently fix them to the exposed surfaces of the target teeth.

The Benefits of Lumineers

New York Lumineers have several benefits. Perhaps the major benefit is the ultra-thin nature of the veneer. Traditional veneers made of conventional porcelain or resins are considerably thicker than Lumineers. As such, the tooth surface must be ground off and etched. This tooth preparation allows the veneers to adhere correctly and to ensure the results are not overly thick teeth. There is no need to remove any tooth surface when you specify Lumineers.

This feature alone is important. Removing the tooth enamel is an uncomfortable dental procedure. Lumineers require no removal of the tooth structure. Although the majority of patients who have Lumineers fitted do so because they wish to cover up teeth that are chipped, stained or cracked, if desired, they can be removed at any time in the future.

Longer Life

Although Lumineers are extremely thin, they are by no means less durable or strong as other types of veneers. Traditional veneers, especially those made from resin, require replacement every five to 10 years. With proper dental care, Lumineers can last much longer, often exceeding 20 years.

The procedure is fast and painless. You have to arrange two visits with your dentist. The first visit is to make an impression of the teeth that are involved and to choose the proper shade. The actual Lumineers are made in a laboratory. Once the dentist has received them back, you make your second visit. Your dentist will ensure the fit is correct and adhere them to the front of the target teeth.

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