Enjoy Authentic Boston Flavors in Regional Cuisine Served Up Daily

Boston is a city that is full of interesting and storied tales. The city predates the American Revolution and was the site of events that shaped the future of the country. People who visit here are many times amazed at the sights and stories they take in during their vacations.

However, more than just a bedrock of American history, Boston is also home to unique fare that cannot be found in other parts of the country. You may enjoy dishes like chowder in Quincy Market that are served up each day in eateries across the city.

Whole New England Lobster

People who come here from places like the Midwest or Deep South often cannot resist the temptation to try a whole New England lobster dinner. Fresh lobster is not on the menu in many restaurants located in flyover states. People can typically only get it by visiting East Coast cities like Boston.

Furthermore, lobster is available year round in this city. If you are unsure of how to begin eating it, your restaurant server will show you the proper techniques for cracking and removing the meat from the shell.

Soups, Chowders, and Bisque

Depending on the time of year you visit the city, you may have the option of ordering soups, chowders, and bisque made from fresh lobster. A dish like chowder in Quincy Market is made with lumps of fresh lobster, which is then creamed with milk or whole cream and then mixed with seasonings.

The dishes you can order from restaurant menus in Boston may be unlike anything you could get back home. You’ll be able to savor both the experience and flavors of your visit here.

You can find out more about lobster and the way it is used in a variety of local recipes. Contact Boston & Maine Fish Company in Boston.

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