Enjoy Your rest With the Elimination of Bed Bugs Wichita Kansas

Household pests are a common problem and range in a huge variety of types including small mammals, reptiles and insects. In most cases the insect varieties are the most annoying as they can be very difficult to eliminate. For example, consider the cockroach. These annoying little creatures tend to hide deep in the walls and crevices of your home and will migrate to another area to avoid chemical applications. To get this problem under control the pest control contractor may have to perform multiple pesticide applications on a regular basis. This problem will also apply to another pesky little insect, the bed bug, although the treatment for them is less severe.

Bed Bugs Wichita Kansas are a small reddish brown insect about the size of an apple seed. They get their name from the fact that they were commonly found in the bedding that people used to sleep in. This turned out to be an excellent place for them to breed because older beds often had many places to hide and these beds were generally less clean than what we use today. Bed bugs infestations can often go unnoticed until the insect has had plenty of time to establish itself. They live by consuming blood from their victims, but usually the only result from the bite is a small red welt. They don’t feed everyday which keeps the amount of bites small until the infestation has had enough time to become a problem.

Eliminating the problem of Bed Bugs in Wichita Kansas takes a two pronged attack. First, the area should be cleaned properly and any possible hiding places should be tested for signs of the pest. Be careful not to remove any items that could hide the pest which includes boxes, side tables and any other furniture. If you must remove them be sure and tell the exterminator in case they need to be treated also.

Every pest control expert including Patton Termite & Pest have their own recommendations on how to handle these types of infestations. Many are tied to the plan of attack they intend to use to remove your problem. This is why consulting with them before you do anything in your home is an important step in eliminating the problem.

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