Everything You Need to Know About Solar Home Heating in Hillsboro

Did you know that space heating accounts for the largest energy expense in the average U.S. home and this accounts for 45% of the energy bills? The most common fuel for home heating in American homes is natural gas (57%). Considering the facts above, it is crucial that homeowners know everything about solar home heating in Hillsboro.

Solar energy is not only free to use, so long as you have the right system in place, but 20 minutes of supply is enough for an entire year. Solar heating works when the sun’s radiation is absorbed and converted into heat energy. Through natural convection of cold air falling and hot air rising, comfort levels above expectations are achieved.

Solar heating is an excellent, environmentally friendly option of heating space in your home or heating water in the plumbing system. Some of the benefits of incorporating the Solar Heating System in your home include:

     *     Solar heating causes no pollution or production of greenhouse gases

     *    Heating using solar systems helps to conserve earth’s energy resources

     *    Solar heating is also the best option for individuals with chemical sensitivities and allergy problems

     *    In terms of price, solar heating is stable since you are not affected by economic and political surprises that come with other fuels

Solar heating systems are available in two basic types; passive and active solar heating.

Passive Solar Heating

The passive solar heater option has no mechanical heating device, but incorporates building features that absorb heat and slowly release it in order to maintain your home’s temperature. These features are often called thermal mass and include brick walls, stone flooring, and large windows. For effective use of passive solar energy, heated air should be circulated throughout your home.

Active Solar Heating

This type of system is similar to passive solar heating systems, but it involves a process for generating much more heat. Active solar heating largely depends on a solar collector for absorbing solar energy, a storage solar system and a heat transference system for the dispersion of heat to appropriate places in your home.

When looking to install a solar home heating in Hillsboro, it is crucial that you consult with the experts at Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning. Installing a solar heating system in your home can help you realize huge savings over time.

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