Factors That Contribute to Speedometer Repairs

Owing a car is an essential thing for most people, but it does come with many stresses and worries. Regardless of the type of car that you have, eventually you will need to have repairs done to it to keep it fully functional. One of the most commonly repaired items on most cars is the speedometer, which helps you to keep the speed at which you travel regulated. As soon as you start to notice that you are having problems with your speedometer, you need to take your car to a professional for diagnostic work. The following are a few of the most common factors that contribute to Gm Speedometer Repair.


One of the most common factors that can cause your speedometer to malfunction is your tires, which have to be calibrated correctly in order for the speedometer to work correctly. If you get new tires and fail to have this done, then your speedometer may not work correctly. The longer you neglect to have this problem done, the more damage you could do to your car. You need to make sure that the repair shop that you choose can handle this type of job before settling.

Speed Sensor

Another element that can affect the proper functioning of your car is the speed sensor, which sends the ready from your engine to your speedometer for the right reading. Over time, the grime and oil from your engine will begin to clog this sensor up and will lead to it malfunctioning. In most cases, you will get a check engine light when this sensor goes out so you will be able to get it in to be repaired immediately. Before changing the sensor completely, you need to consider cleaning it to see if it fixes the problem.

Battery and Charging Problems

Yet another factor that can affect the running of your speedometer is your car’s battery and charging system. In most new cars, the speedometer is electrical as opposed to mechanical, which means that it needs a sufficient power source. If you start to have a battery malfunction, then your speedometer will undoubtedly suffer. The only way that you will be able to get this problem fixed is by having your battery completely replaced. The longer that you wait, the more damage you could possibly do to your car and it’s electronic speedometer display.

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