Facts about Implant Dentistry Summerlin

Causes for the loss of natural teeth are varied. Whether one, several or all teeth are lost, missing teeth will always affect the quality of life. Light-hearted talk and laughter is never easy for those that have a gap between their teeth. Pain when chewing spoils the pleasure in the food people eat, making it hard to enjoy eating much of anything. That is where Implant Dentistry Summerlin comes in.

Implant dentistry is considered to be the most advanced method in reconstructing chewing comfort and function, while also giving the patient an appealing aesthetic look. Implants are used according to the model of nature, mainly as an artificial root for the attachment of new teeth. They take over the function of the natural roots already in place. Like these, they lead the masticatory forces into the jaw bone. Fixed implant-borne teeth are to convey the sense of the patient’s own teeth. They feel natural and tight, fitting harmoniously into the individual’s dental environment. Once implants are in place, though, Desert Breeze Dental advises patients to see their dentist regularly over the course of the next year to ensure the implant is working correctly.

The common problems -; and their effective solution

  • One tooth missing. If a tooth and its root is missing, Implant Dentistry Summerlin says that a dental implant and ceramic crown are the most aesthetically demanding opportunity to close that gap.
  • Several missing teeth. If two or more teeth and missing, dental implants on an anchored fixed bridge will deliver optimum stability, and an aesthetically pleasing result.
  • All Teeth Missing. If all teeth in the upper or lower jaw missing, dentists will use dental implants to provide the necessary stability to anchor a removable prosthesis securely. The prosthesis is firmly seated, and can be removed for cleaning from the mouth. However, fixed implant-borne teeth offer maximum achievable aesthetics. Ideally, they work better with the gums.

There are a number of reasons to choose dental implants over other options. However, scheduling an appointment with your local Implant Dentistry Summerlin is important to discuss which option is best for you. For more information on this, and other procedures, contact your local Summerlin dentist today.

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