Failed the Breathalizer Test? Hiring a DUI Attorney in Riverside CA

by | May 20, 2014 | Legal Services

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After an arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) in California, the type of charges filed will depend upon if there was an injury or not. If no one was injured, misdemeanor charges may be filed. However, if there was an injury or a death as a result of impaired driving, then felony charges are possible. Since each case is different and must be evaluated individually, it is vital to engage a DUI Attorney in Riverside CA who understands the law and who will work with you to uncover pertinent facts that specifically relate to the incident. DUI law is very complicated and the possible penalties will depend upon mitigating circumstances such as the speed traveled, history of previous convictions, and the ages of occupants within the vehicle.

For example, in order to pull you over, police officers must have sufficient probable cause to make the stop. In the case of DUI, that information is limited to observations about driving. Once the stop has been made, further detention including field sobriety tests may only be performed when there is additional information that suggests intoxication. When looking for a DUI Attorney in Riverside CA, make sure that the lawyer has extensive experience investigating the procedures that led to your arrest and detention. At each step along the way, the prosecutor must prove that an escalating series of observations justify the three stages that led to charges being filed for DUI. Those three stages are stopping, detention, and arrest.

Brian Workman has been actively defending criminal cases in the Corona, California area for many years. Because he understands how important the particulars of each arrest are, he is a very attentive listener and works with his clients to achieve the best possible outcome. Even if you have already found a lawyer, take a moment and give him a call to see what he has to say about your case. Competent representation gives peace of mind and can help you to get your life back in order. Take a moment to click here to find out more. It’s your life and you should have good counsel.

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