FDA Chastises DePuy Over Implants; Lawyers in Cape Coral, FL Offer Assistance

Mar 27, 12 FDA Chastises DePuy Over Implants; Lawyers in Cape Coral, FL Offer Assistance

Lawyers in Cape Coral, FL continue to offer assistance to those with DePuy hip replacement implants, even as the FDA issues a new warning letter to the company.

Reports surfaced last week that the FDA has sent a warning letter to DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. Inspectors visiting a DePuy plant discovered that implants that had never been given FDA approval were being manufactured. The letter demands that 14 different implant parts be removed from the market until questions can be resolved.

All of this occurred after DePuy had to recall 93,000 hip implants from the market in 2010. That recall has resulted in more than 3,500 lawsuits against DePuy. Thousands of DePuy products have failed, requiring additional surgeries to remove them and to repair the damage that has been done. Experts believe that many more devices produced by DePuy are faulty than DePuy had originally suggested. Most suggest that they were defective from the very beginning because of poor design.

If you have had hip or knee surgery that involved artificial replacements, chances are that you may have a DePuy component or device in your body. It is extremely important to have your hip or knee evaluated by your doctor. If a hip or knee implant manufacturer sends you any paperwork, do not sign it without first consulting with lawyers in Cape Coral, FL.

Lawyers will be able to assist those who have received the devices. Your lawyers will see to it that you are fairly compensated if it is discovered that your device was faulty. If your lawyers can further show that DePuy also knew about the poor design at the time they sold the devices, those who have been impacted may also be eligible to receive further benefits. The FDA says that DePuy should not have sold the devices without approval. But the FDA letter goes on to say that the devices were manufactured without proper quality control procedures. The company has been cited for using poor design validation procedures, not having a process in place to handle customer dissatisfaction, and numerous other regulatory violations.

That DePuy would have acted in such a negligent manner given the previous recall of their products is unconscionable. That you have been subject to such disregard demands justice. Contact your lawyers in Cape Coral, FL so that they can help to protect your rights and to hold accountable a company that would so casually jeopardize the well-being of consumers. Get the compensation and restitution that you deserve with the help of qualified lawyers by calling today.

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