Feed Your Lawn and Graden with Compost in Portland Oregon

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Home and Gardens

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In most regions harsh weather during summer and winter can take its toll on lawns and gardens. In order to get a lawn or garden back to being bright and healthy its important to feed them. Compost is one of the best ways to provide vital nutrition and minerals to plants without using harsh or poisonous chemicals. Natural compost is safe for children and animals. There are several different kinds of compost and top soil amendments, and its important to choose the right one. Some plants require fewer nutrients than others, adding too much nutrition to the soil could actually do more harm than good. Adding powerful amendments to the soil is a great way to help plants grow, but it needs to be applied properly.

As with any project, choosing the right materials will determine the quality of the results. For professional quality results professional quality supplies are needed. Purchasing compost in Portland Oregon from a professional landscaping provider will assure that only the best materials are being used. High quality compost and soil additives are no exception. Low quality fertilizers, compost, and soil additives purchased from a retailer are usually either too weak to do any good in reasonable amounts or contain harsh chemicals that could cause harm to animals and plants. Any garden can be treated with compost to add nutrition to the soil. New gardens can have compost added to the soil, and established gardens or lawns can be treated with a light sprinkling.

When purchasing Compost in Portland Oregon, a professional landscaping provider – Best Buy in Town Landscape Supply will always have the best quality supplies. Many landscaping providers have created their own blend of compost or soil amendments. Using the experience and knowledge they have gained over the year professional landscapers have learned what works best. Using that knowledge they are able to create mixes that range in strength for different applications. Professional landscapers also know how important it is to use natural materials for a safe and reliable application. Because professional landscapers use so much compost and soil amendments customers can also be assured that they are getting a fresh product that will be effective.

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