Four Major Reasons to Install New Carpets

Jan 31, 20 Four Major Reasons to Install New Carpets

Your floor is one of the most important parts of your home. The wrong floor can utterly ruin your interior’s theme, and the material may not be the best fit for practical purposes. While you may be considering tiles or linoleum, you may be better off with a fresh carpet. Carpet has several distinct advantages, so check out these four major reasons to reach out to a reputable carpet installer in Herndon, VA.


Carpets can keep your home warmer in the cold season and cooler in the hot season. With this extra layer of insulation, you can expect to spend less on utilities. On top of that, carpets can insulate sound, dulling the noise for the folks downstairs. That extra sound insulation is great for families with active kids or upstairs neighbors.


If many elderly people or children walk through your home or business, then carpets may be a good idea. Carpet can cushion a fall and redistribute the force of impact. Falling on an uncarpeted floor is much more devastating than landing on a carpet; it could mean the difference between life and death.


Dust and other allergens stick to your carpet. This means that there is less dust floating around in the air. As long as you vacuum regularly, you’ll find that people with allergens are much more comfortable in your home.

Welcoming Aesthetic

Carpets are very warm and inviting. Children love them, they’re easy to play around on, and they require little maintenance. The color of your carpet can bring out the other shades and designs in your home.

Carpets are safe, beautiful, and versatile, putting it a cut above your other options. If you think that carpeting would be a good fit for your home or business, visit our website to learn more about K&K Floor Inc.

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