Four Signs That You Need Water Heater Repair in Farmington, CT

Everyone loves a hot shower after a long day working, and this makes water heaters necessary in every home. They make life bearable during the cold season, and help one relax after working. Some problems can affect it and make it stop working. Some of these, one can fix himself, but others need professional repair service. This is why you need to call in an expert in water heater repair in Farmington, CT.

Some common water heater problems

Low hot water pressure

This is usually caused by too much sediment in pipes and faucets. It can occur when the plumbing system is being worked on. This might decrease over time, but you can call in a repair service. They have skills and equipment to fix the problem better. A plumbing system made of galvanized pipe is a bit easier to fix.

Leaking water heaters

This can be due to a broken plumbing pipe. It can also be caused by valves weakening their hold, leading to leakages. It is not easy to know where the leak is especially if they are in the wall and so this will need expertise. They will use their equipment to detect the leaks and repair them in no time.

Faulty thermostats

This can be detected when one gets too much heat in their water. It might be that the thermostat is not working properly. Normally when it reaches a high temperature, it will pop out and disconnect itself. If it is faulty, that will not happen. You can get the experts to help you replace the device if it’s faulty. They will also advise on how to choose the best thermostat for your heater.

Clogged pilot vent or hole and supply tube

For a gas-fueled heater, this is a tiny hole through which gas passes. When it is clogged, there will not be any transported gas and so water may not heat. One will know because the pilot light will not go on at all when the burner starts. It can be cleaned to make it function better.

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