Get a Great Smile For Less Money Using Dental Bonding

Oct 09, 20 Get a Great Smile For Less Money Using Dental Bonding

Creating a beautiful smile may not be all that hard if the patient only has a few dental problems. One method of treatment that helps speed up this process is Dental Bonding Burr Ridge. Simply speaking, this procedure uses a tooth-colored resin or putty to fill in any missing tooth material. Once the putty is in place, the dentist will take a few moments to shape it. Some final shaping may be necessary after the resin hardens so the tooth will resemble the original. The final step is usually the application of a sealant to protect the tooth.

There are many reasons to prefer Dental Bonding Burr Ridge over other approaches, but the best one may be the low chance of side effects. Of course, this will depend on any damage to the tooth and how much effort will be required for repairs. Another reason that bonding is usually preferred is its low cost versus other treatments. This is partly because the bonding procedure is fairly quick as long as no other work is required on the tooth.

There are some concerns with this procedure. The most common is the way a bonded tooth interacts with whitening procedures. Actually, it doesn’t. That is, the bonded material may collect stains, but it is impervious to the effect of peroxide whiteners. The end result is usually what’s known as the rainbow smile. This is the point where the teeth have multiple shades until the whitening wears off. This could take longer than one might think because professional whitening procedures tend to last for months.

The alternatives to bonding include the use of caps, crowns or covering the teeth with a veneer. Crowns may be a great option if the tooth is badly damaged because the crown is strong enough to protect the tooth. Unfortunately, a crown often requires that large portions of the tooth are removed, so it fits securely. Veneers make a great choice, especially if there are a lot of visible problems. The veneer is a thin shell designed to cover many dental issues including crooked teeth, misshapen teeth or stained teeth. The dentist may also suggest this solution if the stains are combined with either of the other issues. Visit at Dentistry by Designfor more details.

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