Go Shopping For Rolex Watches In Colorado Springs

Owning a Rolex is like owning a piece of history. Indeed, only the finest jewelery stores sell rolex watches in Colorado Springs. The legend began in London in 1904 when a young watchmaker started his own company. Hans Wilsdorf wanted to design the first precise wrist-watch. He came up with a design and installed the finest Swiss movements so the watches were very precise.

Early Rolex History

Wilsdorf concentrated on precision for his watches. At that time, the most precise watches were made in Switzerland and they were called chronometers. It was not long before a Rolex was recognized by the Swiss for excellence in chronometric precision. During this era, Rolex watches became known as the most precise watches in the world. Next, the company moved to Geneva because it was the center of excellent watchmaking.

Interestingly, Rolex developed many watches that became well-known around the world. Indeed, the “Oyster” was made during the 1920’s and became synonymous with Rolex. The Oyster was the first hermetically sealed watch. It was dust-proof and waterproof. Rolex came up with a unique way to advertise its watches. They associated the watches with adventure. For example, a woman swam the English Channel in 1927 while wearing an Oyster. The watch was intact after ten hours of swimming.

A Series Of Firsts

The Datejust was invented during the 1940’s. This was the first self-winding chronometer with a date display on the front. The watch was equipped with a special bracelet and a fluted bezel. In the 1950’s, Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Mt. Everest wearing a Oyster Perpetual. Later, the Submariner was developed for underwater diving. The watch was waterproof until the diver reached 330 feet. Each new watch was added to the line of Rolex classics. It may be difficult to find some of these rolex watches in Colorado Springs.

History In The Making

During modern times, Rolex came up with its own alloy to make watches. The alloy, known as Oystersteel, is more commonly used in manufacturing. In recent years, the Oyster Perpetual Yachtman II became the first watch with a programmable countdown and mechanical memory. Finally, the Oyster Perpetual Deepsea Challenge was designed. This watch is the deepest diving watch in the world. It is waterproof for over 39,000 feet down. To learn more, visit Website Domain.

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