Great Fundraising Ideas to Jumpstart Your Charity

Non-profits are the backbone of charity work which helps not just people in need, but also advocates for animals, the environment and even political issues. But all this good work costs money and it’s up to each charity to raise money for their cause. It’s no easy task just to ask people for money, no matter what the issue or how good of a cause. The government tries to give incentives for people to donate such as making donations tax deductible.

Fundraising is the bread and butter of non-profit organizations. While many people will give directly to a charity without any incentive to do so, it often takes a well-planned fundraiser to bring in money. The challenge is to think of great fundraising ideas that are unique and will draw people in and convince them to open their wallets. Here are just a few great fundraising ideas that can get your charity the money it needs:

Bake Sales & Rummage Sales

These are perhaps the easiest ways to raise money because people get a tangible, useful item in exchange for their cash. Sales like these are also great for non-profits because they cost virtually nothing to organize (members just need to bring their used stuff or bake some yummy treats). This means more money will be put to good use. It’s important to collaborate with all participating members to ensure there will be a wide variety of baked goods or used items. Good locations to set up can vary from everything like a church, community center, parking lot and any other public place with the space to accommodate a bake/rummage sale. It’s also important to advertise well in advance so potential donors have plenty of time to attend the event.

Raffle Drawings

Like bake or rummage sales, raffle drawings are a relatively cheap way to raise money. The biggest challenge is to get local businesses to donate goods and/or services that are worth raffling. One way to entice potential business donors is to tell them about the possible tax breaks they can get for donating to a charity or that their donations also build good will in the community, giving them more visibility.

The raffle itself should probably be held at a charity-sponsored event. It’s a great way to keep people who buy raffle tickets at the event longer than they normally would to see if they won any cool prizes. Raffle drawings build excitement, especially when there is high quality or high value prizes at stake. Keep the prizes diverse in both value and a good mix of products or services.

Sell Catalog Products

This is an old standard which a lot of non-profits use because it works. People love looking through catalogs and are more likely to make a purchase if they know their money will go to a good cause.

Another benefit of catalog sales is that a person doesn’t have to make a decision on the spot. They can take the catalog home, browse it at their leisure and then decide what to buy. Additionally, most companies also have a website where people can order from directly, making it even easier for both the buyer and the charity.

Catalog products can range from candy baskets to t-shirts, and everything in between. Some even put a twist on traditional products. For example, Mixed Bag Designs offers bags which are eco-friendly. This appeals to the niche of those who like to be stylish, yet still do their part to protect the environment. They carry just about every type of bag you can think of, outfitted with unique designs which will draw the eye and be the envy of many. When searching for great fundraising ideas you’re only limited to your imagination. Get creative and have fun with it!

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