Highly Recommended Estate Planning Service In Madison, WI

Dec 31, 19 Highly Recommended Estate Planning Service In Madison, WI

Whatever age you are at whatever state in life, it’s a prudent move to add a layer of protection and care around your estate for something we don’t wish or plan for, that is if something happens to us and we can’t be around to make important decisions. There are a number of things that you can do with the help of trusted attorneys on estate planning.

Horn & Johnsen SC is just such a firm serving clients living in Madison and Greater Dane County, Wisconsin with over 25 years of legal practice. Its co-founding partners, John Horn and Dera L. Johnsen-Tracy, teamed up and continues to work together and making a difference in the area that they’ve become the recommended estate planner.

The estate planning center they’ve built up to offer various related services covering all fronts such as probate, guardianship, Medicaid asset protection, business law and real estate. They assist on wills, living trusts and family situations relating to estate protection, agreements and even charity.

When it comes to wills in Madison, WI, residents and businesses need to be aware such is the legal action of the state to determine how estates are passed on, which includes real estate, investments, bank accounts and other possessions.

An estate service provider such as Horn & Johnsen SC will be able to provide invaluable help for anyone needing to write wills in Madison, WI, taking care of your children’s security, the future care of your pets and any final expenses.

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