Hire an Experienced DUI Attorney in Worcester County, MD to Protect Your Rights

Being arrested for a DUI can be overwhelming to deal with if an experienced DUI attorney in Worcester County, MD is not hired. When an arrest occurs, the driver should ask an attorney how many DUI clients they have represented and what was the outcome. When an attorney has experience in the criminal court representing an individual for a DUI, the driver has a better chance of receiving a favorable outcome to their case.

In Maryland, a driver faces revocation of their driver’s license, fines, possible prison time, and an ignition interlock system will be placed in their car. These penalties can financially damage an individual, especially when they are unable to drive to or from work. It can cause personal problems when they are unable to transport their family or fulfill their family obligations.

Blood Alcohol Level

If a driver’s blood alcohol concentration, BAC, is .08 or higher, a driver will be arrested and receive an order of suspension and a temporary paper license. This paper license is only valid for 45 days and a driver’s original license will be confiscated. The same thing will happen if a driver refuses to take a breathalyzer test.

Other Penalties

In addition to a driver losing their license, they could be sentenced to jail for a year. Although the criminal charge is a misdemeanor and not a felony, a driver’s insurance will increase and any other arrests for a DUI or DWI will increase the penalties. Jail time can cause a stigma in the community with friends and family that is difficult to combat in certain situations.

How Can an Attorney Help?

A DUI attorney in Worcester County, MD will look for holes in police arrest to use so they can help the driver reduce or eliminate the charge. Minor errors in an arrest can result in dismissal of a case or better bargaining with the prosecutor. In addition, an experienced DUI attorney knows what a judge will or will not accept, which gives them an advantage while providing legal representation.

Instead of letting a DUI ruin your personal and employment life, contact an attorney. An Ocean City Lawyer works closely with their clients to review the evidence surrounding their case and immediately begin preparing a defense.

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