Hiring a DUI Defense Attorney in Wichita, KS Because You Made a Mistake

Do you know what you would do if you got pulled over and charged with a DUI? If you are someone who does not drink or someone who would never drink and get behind the wheel, you might be offended by this question. You might be thinking there is no reason for you to know what to do because this would never happen to you. Unfortunately, a lot of people who feel this way do not realize that alcohol and illegal drugs are not the only reasons you can get charged with a DUI.

Imagine having a cold or hay fever allergies. Now imagine taking some medication and getting behind the wheel. Had you taken the time to read the bottle of that medication you would have realized that the medication has the side effect of making a person drowsy. Chances are pretty good the warning label on the medication also said that you should not drive a vehicle or operate machinery while you are taking it.

Ignoring the warning label and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle anyway is no different from getting behind the wheel after having a few drinks. You are just as likely to cause an accident or get pulled over for reckless driving because the medication will impair your ability to drive. If you find yourself in a situation similar to this you should hire a DUI defense attorney in Wichita KS to defend your case. This is actually one of the kinds of cases that a DUI Defense Attorney in Wichita, KS would love to get their hands on because they can argue that it was an honest mistake. As long as you have a clean record chances are pretty good it really was just a mistake.

You could have been rushing to work or rushing to do something or get something for your family. You were not thinking and maybe you did not even realize you took the medication. People with aches, pains, and allergies tend to take medication so habitually that they do not even realize they are doing it. Fortunately, a law firm such as Rocky Wiechman Law would be able to set you up with a lawyer that has acquired experience with DUI cases similar to yours. This lawyer would do what they could to get the charges dropped or reduced so they do not ruin your life.

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