Homeowners May Need Elevator Services In Bradenton, FL

It is becoming more and more common for people to have elevators in the home. Most people have the elevator installed when the home is being built. However, elevators can be built in existing homes. Why would someone want an elevator? There are several different reasons, but primarily it is the new “luxury item.” People are building larger homes with several levels. Imagine, getting on the elevator on the third floor, and heading down to the garage.
When contractors build a home with an elevator, they use different techniques to make the elevator blend in with the decor. For example, the elevator door may have wood accents to match wood paneling. Some people have amenities in the elevator like carpeting, telephones and music. Other people want elevators for the practical reason of making mobility easier. The large group of baby boomers are aging, but they want to remain in their homes. An elevator allows them to travel between floors without hurting their knees and other joints. People who need Elevator Services, should contact Florida Elevator in Bradenton, FL The company installs and services residential and commercial elevators.
There are three main types of elevators used in the home. Hydraulic elevators are good choices for newly constructed homes. This elevator needs a separate room to hold the equipment that operates the elevator. Hydraulic elevators use a fluid-driven piston to lift them. Traction elevators work by sliding up and down a track with a counterweight. They do not require a separate room. Vacuum elevators are a good choice to install in existing homes because they take up less space. This elevator is a giant tube with another tube inside. The system works with air pressure like the tubes used at the drive-in bank. There is no need to worry about repairs and services. There are many companies that provide Elevator Services in Bradenton, FL. Space requirements for a residential elevator range from a minimum of 12 square feet to a maximum of 15 square feet. Perhaps the best thing about an elevator is that it adds ten percent to a home’s value. It is easy to see why elevators are a growing home trend. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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