How Can An Attorney Help With Your Social Security Disability Application?

by | Aug 28, 2015 | Law

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The laws, rules and regulations that apply to Social Security disability benefits are very complex and difficult for a layperson to comprehend and understand, not only that, they have a tendency to change frequently. Any application for benefits goes through a series of stages on its way to approval, starting with the original application and if it becomes necessary you can take it all the way to district court if you are constantly denied benefits. As you go from one stage to the other things become more complicated, trying to deal with it is hard enough for an able bodied individual, it can be extremely frustrating for someone suffering from a disability; this is why hiring disability attorneys in Missouri can be extremely beneficial.

Right from the original application a seasoned disability attorney can make the difference between your application being accepted or having your benefits denied. The process from the application to decision can be a minefield for the uninitiated. The majority of people think little more of Social Security other than it is a government sponsored program that will provide benefits upon retirement. People are quite content going through their working life paying taxes to support the system but rarely do they stop to consider the difficulties associated with getting benefits in the event they become disabled. If you hire disability attorneys in Missouri from the beginning of the process you stand a far better chance of having you application approved than if you try to go it alone. The attorney is well aware of all the laws that govern the Social Security Administration, the attorney also knows the various deadlines that apply to certain actions that must take place as well as the penalties you can suffer in the event these deadlines are missed.

The problem with many applicants for disability benefits is they wait until their application is denied before they realize they need to hire an attorney. A good three quarters of all applications are denied, a denial leads to a multi-step appeals process which is far more complex and demanding than a well prepared initial application. It is now when disability attorneys in Missouri can tip the scales in favor of the applicant.

Disability attorneys have been involved in the appeals process many times, they know what questions to expect from the administrative law judge and they will guide you on the honest answers to give.

Disability attorneys in Missouri can be of significant help when you are applying for Social Security disability benefits. Contact to know more.

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