How Can You Tell Good Movers in Birmingham AL From The Bad?

Moving becomes very stressful if you do not organize yourself. There are a lot of things to prepare and items to stuff in many boxes. But even if you make the necessary preparations, moving becomes even more stressful if you hire a bad mover. So, how can you spot good movers in Birmingham AL when there’s a mixture of good and bad ones?

Spotting the Good Ones Is Easy

It doesn’t take rocket science to spot a good mover from a bad one. There are certain tell-tale signs that you can follow to be sure that you are hiring a good moving company in Birmingham. You need to follow the right steps in separating and selecting good movers from the bad ones. Here are some tips:

1. If the company’s trucks are clean with the company name clearly indicated on them, those are signs that the moving company is a reliable one.

2. If the company has been in the moving business for say five or more years, that indicates that their services are being patronized by customers. How can they exist for many long years if no one is using their services?

3. If they contact you personally, and not just limit their communication by text messaging or email, that means they are providing their customers personalized services. This is a good sign that they are after your welfare more than theirs.

4. If they visit your house to see the things that you want to move before they give you a final quote, that means they are really intent on providing you a service that is worth the money that you will pay them.

5. If their trucks have Department of Motor Vehicles Numbers, that means they are using duly registered and supervised vehicles.

6. If they will discuss your rights and responsibilities related to your move, then this company is really bent on fulfilling their duties and responsibilities to their customers.

Thankfully, there are many movers with these characteristic offering their services in Birmingham AL so you won’t find any difficulty in finding them. But following these tips can be helpful since you don’t really know the providers personally.

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