How Chiropractors In Manhattan, KS Provide Pain Management

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Chiropractic

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Pain management is a primary concern for patients. For this reason, they acquire heavy medications from the doctor who diagnosed them. The issue with taking these medications is the fact that they could become debilitating. Some patients are also at a higher risk of becoming addicted to the controlled substance prescribed. Chiropractors Manhattan KS could provide a more improved opportunity.

How Acupuncture Helps Manage Pain

Acupuncture is a technique that allows the clinician to stimulate natural pain management opportunities. They place the needles into known pain receptors. During the procedure, the pain is blocked by the placement of the needles. This gives the patient relief while the procedure is performed. However, the stimulation of these pain receptors promotes an increase of feel good hormones. They release natural pain relievers more frequently. This helps the patient achieve pain relief long after they complete this procedure.

Regular Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is beneficial in addressing tightened muscles. It is the tightness and constriction of the muscles that leads to pain in the joints. For patients who experience pain within these regions, the clinician chooses the best type of massage therapy to address these conditions.

Massage therapy also helps the patient to relax. Stress is another leading cause of muscular tightness. By receiving massage therapy frequently, these muscles remain relaxed and the patient’s stress levels are reduced.

Manipulation of the Spine

Manipulation of the spine is a viable option for adjusting the vertebrae of the spine. When these vertebrae are displaced, they cause extreme pain. This could cause mobility issues that could affect the patient’s ability to walk comfortably.

Manipulation also relieves pressure. This is beneficial for treating back and neck pain. These conditions could lead to severe headaches as well. By reducing pressure, the clinician decreases the onset of symptoms and helps them achieve longer pain management.

Pain management is vital for patients who have experienced high volumes of pain. This pain could be associated with chronic conditions or injuries. A combination of therapies could be the right answer to address these conditions. Patients who wish to schedule an appointment with chiropractors in Manhattan, KS should contact the Center For Manual Medicine today.

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