How frequently do you need Septic Tank Service?

Mar 14, 12 How frequently do you need Septic Tank Service?

Septic systems are used by 25% of households in the US to treat and dispose of household waste and effluents. These systems are efficient, passive (require no energy inputs) and can provide years of service before requiring replacement. With regular septic tank service, the system can provide 25-30 years of effective service. Frequency of service and pumping can depend on a number of factors:

  • The capacity of the installed septic tank
  • Size of the household and volume of waste water generated
  • The quantity of solid waste matter generated from sources like the garbage disposal

Trained technicians should be engaged for septic tank service as this job can involve a number of risks and requires proper equipment and protective gear. Exposure to toxic gases that can have accumulated in the tank can cause almost instantaneous death. Experienced technicians must be adequately protected and the area well ventilated during septic tank service. If one of the technicians accidentally falls in, rescuers must be equipped with self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) in order to retrieve the victim. Call emergency services if anyone comes in contact with the noxious fumes.

If your septic system is not functioning properly, you could be putting your family and neighbors at risk from contamination of the drinking water supply. Seepage of untreated or partially treated sewage into the soil can result in a number of deadly diseases by the contamination of ground water by E Coli bacteria. Gastrointestinal diseases, hepatitis, diarrhea and even pneumonia can be contracted on exposure to contaminated water.

The septic tank contains a number of useful bacteria (anaerobic bacteria) that decomposes the waste. The anaerobic bacteria can be destroyed by soaps and detergents and other antibacterial chemicals. Home owners should try to preserve the bacteria in the septic tank by spacing out machine wash loads. Excessive exposure to soaps and detergents can kill off large colonies of useful bacteria and slow down the decomposition process in the tank.

The tank requires preventive service to remove the undecomposed solid sludge that accumulates with prolonged usage. The tank can get filled up and solid effluents can contaminate the soil. When this happens you will experience sewage backups and have to undergo costly repairs to make your system functional again. To avoid such costly repairs and inconvenience it is recommended to undergo periodic inspection and septic tank service. Marietta residents can find local licensed technicians having the skill and expertise in cleaning and service of residential and commercial installations.

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