How Much Privacy Can You Get With a Student Housing Complex?

Oct 29, 20 How Much Privacy Can You Get With a Student Housing Complex?

College living typically isn’t known for being private. As you’ve browsed the student living options, you might have wondered if student living apartments offer more freedom and privacy. Is student living worth the investment, or should you just throw in the towel and rent a dorm room?

Do Student Apartments Near WMU Offer More Privacy?

In fact, student apartments offer much more privacy than dorms and even more privacy than apartments. Unlike dorm rooms, each student apartment near WMU comes with separate bedrooms: one for each roommate. They all have lockable doors, so you can shut out the rest of the world when you need some privacy. Some student housing units even come with their own private bathrooms, so you won’t have to use public restrooms.

What about laundry? Do you have to make a trip to the community laundry room every week? Nope–student apartments have washer and dryer units built right in, so you can wash your clothes in the privacy of your own space. Student apartments are also fully stocked with a fridge, stove, microwave and other appliances, so you can cook in your own area instead of relying on the cafeteria. No matter how many roommates you have, you’ll still have plenty of personal space.

If you’re looking at student apartments near WMU, visit the 58 West website at You can read about the apartment features, learn about the community amenities and talk to a representative through the live chat on their website. You can also start the application process online.

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