How Mudek Trucking and J & J Recycling Provides Full-Service Waste Solutions

Jul 11, 17 How Mudek Trucking and J & J Recycling Provides Full-Service Waste Solutions

Most U.S. cities are lucky to have one or two waste control businesses, and many of those specialize. However, St. Paul, Minnesota residents can often solve a range of waste disposal problems with a single visit to Mudek Trucking and J & J Recycling. The company takes a unique approach by combining a public dump site, recycling facilities and dumpster rental services.

Professionals Rent and Deliver Dumpsters

Area building contractors often work with Mudek Trucking and J & J Recycling when they need an efficient way to keep project sites safe and clean. Contractors just contact waste control experts, who help them decide the size and number of containers that are needed. Specialists will deliver the huge waste containers to projects and then return when clients need them emptied. Waste control technicians offer fast service that keeps commercial clients on schedule.

A Public Dump Site Controls Waste

Area residents who self-haul waste also use the trucking and recycling company’s public dump site. For instance, those who are remodeling homes or cleaning yards often browse the company’s website to get information. When they Visit the Website they can find hours of operation as well as lists of materials that can be dumped. Fortunately, the list is long and includes batteries, tires, roofing materials and household garbage.

Recycling Waste Conserves Natural Resources

Many clients also use the company’s recycling services. Options include furniture and mattress recycling that lets everyone conserve landfill space and help the environment. Items that are dropped off are eventually taken apart and re-purposed. Springs are sold, since they are scrap metal and wood is chipped for use in manufacturing. Reclaimed fibers make their way into engine filters, while fabrics often become part of new pet beds. These efforts, along with the tons of other items recycled at the facility, help reduce greenhouse emissions and conserve tons of natural materials like iron ore and water.

Minneapolis residents are lucky enough to have quick access to one-stop waste disposal solutions provided by a local company. Customers can drop off anything from construction waste to everyday garbage. The business also provides dumpster rental and delivery as well as a range of recycling services that are helping to protect the environment.

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