How The Internet & Smartphones Have Changed Fitness

by | Jan 21, 2016 | Health and Fitness

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Fitness has changed – between wearables and iPhone apps, countless trackers, and a new fitness workshop opening up every weekend, the social aspect and interconnectivity afforded by modern-day technology has turned the personal pursuit of fitness into a national and international phenomenon.

Yet, for all the tools and methods we’ve invented throughout the past two decades, it seems as though the one thing that remains just as hard as ever is motivation. Motivating ourselves to keep chasing that dream of strength and fitness has always been, and will continue to be, an eternal challenge. There’s just one fix to be found in Pembroke Pines: personal training.

Mentorship, Motivation And Passion

Personal trainers are coaches – they’re there to mentor us in out path to wellbeing, and they’re there to use their professionalism and wealth of knowledge to make sure we get the results we want at a fast, yet safe pace. They also motivate us – with their presence, with their words, and with their enthusiasm in our own health and fitness. A great personal trainer will turn every client into his or her passion project, and it’ll be apparent in the way they talk and move.

But while the origins of the coach are archaic, there are ways that coaching and personal training in Pembroke Pines have evolved over the past few years. For one, there’s the fact that tracking progress has never been this easy.

A Technological Edge

Between the medical advances we’ve made and the technology our phones, exercise machines, and wearables command, personal trainers can now check up on their clients and extrapolate their progress through software, build diets that hit a caloric minimum while being nutritious, and formulate a workout that builds both the optimum amount of muscle and works the heart enough to get a fat-burn going.

Particularly powerful is today’s understanding about nutrition. There’s a reason the old saying “a six-pack is made with a fork” is so true – being fit is mostly a matter of nutrition, with exercise being supplementary. On the pioneering front for nutrition is the fitness industry – thousands of enthusiastic athletes, coaches, fighters and bodybuilders whose careers and futures rely on what’s for dinner.

Furthermore, clients no longer need to be at the gym at all times – whenever they have to leave Pembroke Pines for a business trip or a vacation, they can take their exercises and SoFlo’s personal trainers with them on trips, by sending their trainers their diagnostic information stored on fitness trackers.

It’s a brave and fit new world out there.

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