How to Find a Drilling Service in Honolulu

Feb 28, 17 How to Find a Drilling Service in Honolulu

When homeowners or managers of residential properties in Hawaii need a new foundation or repairs to existing ones, they may need to hire a Drilling Service in Honolulu. Sometimes foundations start to sink, or walls start to buckle and homeowners will need to find a solution to these problems. Even industrial and commercial structures that are located on unstable soils may shift when their foundations are subjected to extreme moisture conditions or lack proper drainage. This type of movement can result in large expenses.

For an example of a firm that can provide the services to help mitigate future damages while at the same time provide foundation protection, log onto Visit the website They have full-size rigs to take on commercial jobs that require drilling through rocks that are as deep as 100 feet. They are also equipped to tackle the many geographical and topographical challenges on Hawaii with state of the art equipment.

If a property owner needs a Drilling Service in Honolulu, they want to find one that is equipped to handle the many types of commercial jobs that may come up. This includes new construction, design projects, load transfers, and even re-leveling foundations. This may even include restoration of historic buildings that need preserving. Perhaps a commercial property owner has expansion in mind and needs to find a service that is equipped to install micro-piles. When used with casings, work can be completed with minimal disruptions. They’ll need a service that has a down-the-hole hammer that is able to both drill and install casing to the proper depths, which sometimes can be as deep as 120 feet.

Not every job may require extreme depths but may require a company that can also handle smaller jobs that call for small diameter micro-piles. These are usually in the 4″ range. Some jobs may require a firm outfitted to take care of hollow-bar injection anchors and piles, or even helical piles, which consist of deep foundation underpinning elements that utilize steel shafts. Finally, contractors should ask drilling services if they are in compliance with the Federal Highway Administration prior to any jobs that may involve bridges or state roads.

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