How to Get a Better T Shirt Design in Kansas City

Jul 16, 19 How to Get a Better T Shirt Design in Kansas City

Well-designed T-shirts make great promotional gifts, but it’s hard for those who have never designed their own shirts to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Read on to find out about a few common mistakes and find out how to improve a company or organization’s T Shirt design in Kansas City.

Size Matters

When sizing a logo, remember that standard sizing isn’t always the best option. Sometimes, less is more. Square and circular-shaped logos, for example, often look better when they’re smaller.

Print and Logo Placement

It’s not always a good idea to print a logo directly in the center of the shirt. Belly prints are almost never successful, while chest prints look good on almost everyone. Be careful with alternate placements to make sure that the T-shirts’ recipients won’t feel uncomfortable wearing them.

Choosing Fonts

Those who plan to incorporate words or phrases into their T-shirt designs should brush up on their typography skills. Choosing the wrong font or even the wrong letter and line spacing can ruin an otherwise perfect design. Changing the fonts in longer phrases can also add some visual appeal.

Careful Composition

The right T Shirt design in Kansas City won’t just have a stellar logo and carefully considered typography. Its composition will also have to be flawless. Many designers space their elements out too much or bunch them up, which can wind up throwing off the entire design.

Image Quality

Submit a high-resolution image to the printer. Most companies will catch this mistake and ask for a better quality picture, but those that don’t can wind up producing sub-par T-shirts. All images submitted to screen printing companies should be 200 dpi or higher and should not have been compressed.

Color Choices

Adding some color to a design can make it more interesting. Designers should keep in mind that the more colors they add, the more their T-shirts will cost. They should also know too many colors can wind up clashing with each other.

A Better Option

All of this information can be a lot to take in. Those who don’t have the time to learn more than the basics about T-shirt design might want to consider hiring a professional. Browse our website to learn more about design and printing services today.

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