How to get a New Sim Card in India

by | Dec 18, 2013 | Business And Finance

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If you are going to be visiting India and want to be certain you maintain phone service you will need a new SIM card. Whether you are using Reliance Mobile Prepaid Recharge services or go with a company providing postpaid options the SIM card must be used for a connection. Here are the steps you will have to follow to get your card:

1. Make sure you have I.D. with you when you go to purchase your SIM card. You will need to have a photocopy of the first page of your passport as well as photo I.D. which can be a drivers’ license, voters’ card or passport.

2. You can purchase a SIM card at any of the thousands of mobile phone retailers in India.

3. You will be allowed to choose from the GSM provider and offered your choice of 10 digit phone numbers. Since you have a choice look for one you find easy to remember.

4. You will have to fill out a form with your personal information and this information will have to be verified before you are given your card.

5. Once you get your SIM card you can install it in your phone. As soon as it is installed you can begin to use your new phone number. The retailer will activate the number and you can get confirmation. Make sure you keep your old SIM card somewhere safe as you will need it when you return home.

6. Speak to your retailer about options for call time and validity. You can add prepaid talk time in accordance with the amount of time you need or can afford. You will then be able to use Reliance Mobile prepaid recharge service or whatever service you desire. It is easy to use recharge services and you can even enrol online so you can use it whenever you need it.

7. While in India you will have roaming services and will be able to make local and international calls. When you are ready to return home you can remove the SIM card and return your old SIM card to your phone.

Once you have a SIM card you can use your phone in India without issues. As long as you keep your old SIM card it can be business as usual when you return home.

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