Ideas for Swimming Pool Renovations in Venice, FL

No matter how beautiful a pool is when it is first completed, over time it beings to look old and weathered due to wear and tear and the gradual aging process of the finishes. Fortunately, many simple solutions can transform even the oldest and most damaged pool into a beautiful and luxurious oasis. If you have decided to update and renovate your swimming pool, one of the hardest parts is coming up with ideas for what to do. Consider the following creative ideas for swimming pool renovations in Venice, FL.

Install a Spa – One of the best ways to upgrade the look and function of your swimming pool area is by adding a spa. A spa, or hot tub, is a perfect complement to a main swimming pool that is perfect for relaxation. With the right water level and a quick temperature adjustment, it also doubles as a kiddie pool. Despite the existing layout of your swimming pool, a well-qualified contractor can easily adjust the design to include a spa.

Include a New Self-Cleaning System – The plumbing system is one of the most important parts of a pool that keeps it clean and looking inviting. Older pools have outdated pump and filtration systems that give the pool a dated appearance and do not clean the water optimally. Renovating your pool provides the ideal opportunity to upgrade your pump and filtration to one that uses a powerful self-cleaning mechanism with automatic injection systems that balance the PH of the water, keeping it clean and clear.

Add or Improve Decorations – Improving the aesthetic appeal of your pool is another important step to take during a renovation project. The biggest change to the appearance of the average pool area comes from resurfacing the pool itself, which brings it back to vibrant life, making it look brand new. Other steps such as adding pavers, lighting, a deck and landscaping around the pool can transform an area that looks drab and lackluster into your own private luxury oasis.

Use these ideas for Swimming Pool Renovations in Venice, FL to spark your creative process before you begin the overhaul. If you are ready to renovate your swimming pool and want more assistance and ideas for the process, contact the experts at Sparkling Kleen Pools and Spas today to schedule a consultation.

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