If You Dont’t Have A Will, Talk To A Wills And Estates Attorney In Spokane, WA Today

Jun 23, 20 If You Dont’t Have A Will, Talk To A Wills And Estates Attorney In Spokane, WA Today

Everyone does some form of estate planning, whether they realize it or not. When someone dies without making out a will, they are letting the state handle matters. Parents who haven’t taken any steps to arrange for the care of their children have decided to let the state appoint a guardian for their children.

The Majority of Americans Don’t Have a Will

Over half of all Americans have not made out a will or put another form of estate planning into effect. People don’t like to think about the possibility that something could happen to them. This is understandable but doesn’t change the fact that those left behind are better taken care of with advanced planning. At a minimum, protect those you love by consulting a Wills And Estates in Fredericton about your individual situation and what precautions should be taken.

Probate Takes Time

One of the primary reasons for estate planning is to avoid probate whenever possible. Probate is a lengthy, frustrating and costly process. In essence, probate is the legal process needed to conclude someone’s financial and legal matters after they have died. When someone has a will, an executor will have been named to manage this process. Without a will, the court names an executor, who could be a family member or an unknown individual.

If heirs needed cash from the estate to pay college expenses, for example, there could be a substantial delay. Some estates take as long as two years to settle; complicated estates can take much longer.

Living Wills

A living will leaves instructions as to what type of medical care you would want or not want if you were incapacitated. Most people have very firm opinions on whether or not they would choose to be put on long-term life support, for example, but a living will can address far more possibilities than that. Instead of downloading a form from the internet, it’s much better to sit down and discuss the matter with a Wills And Estates Attorney Spokane WA and prepare a living will that meets your unique needs.

They have been serving the legal need of the residents of eastern Washington since 1949. These experienced and compassionate attorneys are committed to achieving a better outcome for their clients in the areas of will and estate planning, personal injury, family law and criminal law.

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