If You’ve Been Bitten by a Dangerous Dog, Get Help From a Personal Injury Attorney

Sep 30, 16 If You’ve Been Bitten by a Dangerous Dog, Get Help From a Personal Injury Attorney

Keeping a dog in a very crowded, urban area can be challenging and New York laws concerning dog bites are complicated. Even if a dog has previously been labeled “dangerous,” the owner is strictly liable for only the victim’s medical expenses. In order to collect other damages, dog bite victims must prove that the dog has a tendency to be aggressive and bite people and the owner or keeper of the dog knew this.

Even if the owner was negligent, if this was the dog’s first bite the victim would not be compensated. New York dog bite laws are much more favorable to dog owners than the laws of other states, according to a Personal Injury Attorney.

If You are Bitten by a Dog…

Collect all of the information possible, including pictures, contact information for the owner and witnesses, the dog’s medical and legal history and a thorough record of the circumstances of the attack. Information that does not seem important at the time may become crucial as the case progresses.

What is a Dangerous Dog?

If the dog is considered legally dangerous, then the owner or keeper is strictly liable for paying all medical expenses. If the injury was to a companion dog or other domestic or farm animal, then they would be responsible for veterinary bills.

A dangerous dog is a dog that attacks, injures or kills, without provocation, a person or domestic animal. A dangerous dog would also be a dog that behaves in a way that reasonable people would consider a threat. Police dogs are not considered dangerous when performing their duties.

Criminal Penalties

The owner of a dangerous dog that causes another injury will be fined, with the amount depending upon the seriousness of the injuries, and could spend some time in jail. This is true even if a dangerous dog escapes from the yard, gets off the chain or in some way becomes unsupervised. Anyone keeping a dog that has already harmed someone and been declared dangerous is risking much greater penalties than other dog owners. Posting a “Beware of Dog” sign will not be good enough to avoid liability for the dog’s behavior.

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