Implants and Crowns Improve More Than Your Image

by | May 8, 2019 | Dentistry

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Most people think of dental implants as false teeth. They’re not. Dental implants are actually replacements for roots of teeth. They’re made of titanium, and they’re secured in the jawbone. Once they’re in place, they’re not even visible. The purpose of implants is to secure crowns. Those are the actual artificial teeth that you see in a mirror and other people see when you smile. If you’ve lost one or more teeth because of gum disease, extractions or injury, you’re probably a suitable candidate for dental implants and crowns.

Dental implants can improve your smile for a lifetime. They’re even designed to match the color and shape of your existing teeth. Here are some of the remarkable improvements and benefits that our patients have talked about regarding our Cary, Il dental implants:

  • Improved chewing ability.
  • Increased stability of adjacent teeth.
  • A better smile and facial appearance.
  • No clicking and added comfort when eating or speaking.
  • Overall improvement in oral and dental health.

Missing teeth and gaps between teeth fail to promote a person’s overall health. They’re also likely to cause problems with self-esteem and self-confidence. Dental implants require some maintenance, but good daily oral hygiene requires that anyway. So long as you’re in good general health, dental implants might be the preferred treatment option for you. If you live in or around Cary, and you’re interested in Cary, Il dental implants, come visit with Dr. Skleba or Dr. Brewer.

Here at Cary Dental Associates LLC, we continue our dedication to the health of our patients and providing excellence in dental care. Contact us to arrange to be examined and evaluated for dental implants. We’ll be pleased to answer your questions or address any concerns. Call us at 847-354-4041 If you prefer, you can use our contact form.

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