Improve Your Changes For Approval With A Disability Attorney In Wheaton

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Law

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Social Security Disability was created as a safety net for all Americans, who through illness or injury are unable to provide for themselves. The program is a lifesaver for those who are able to receive it. Unfortunately, getting approved has become a challenge for many, despite having a genuine need. The average Disability Attorney in Wheaton regularly meets with clients with severe and documented disabilities who have already been refused protection.

The Statistics

In the United States there are an estimated 57 million people living with disabilities. Of these, only 14 million have actually been approved for benefits. Granted, not every disabled person seeks assistance. Some work enough to get by and others are supported by family members. But there are many more who are left to struggle through unassisted. Only 40 percent of those who apply will receive benefits. Many only succeed after applying repeatedly over the course of several years.

Application Process

The application process is a lengthy one. Your application will first be examined to ensure all the basic information like date of birth and Social Security number is genuine. After it passes this screening it is forwarded to another office, the Disability Determination Services. Here they review your medical records. If there is not enough information available to make a decision they will order an examination, often by a professional of their choice. They will then decide and return the paperwork back to the initial office so they can notify you of a denial or begin the process of paying benefits.

Federal Requirements

You can be employed and still be considered disabled, but you must earn less than $1,074 each month. Your disability must be one of their listed disabilities and it must directly interfere with your ability to work. It also must be a condition which has lasted or will last for at least a year. These are only some of the requirements and there are exceptions and special circumstances which can change the ruling.

Getting Help

For Illinois residents the only way to dramatically improve the odds of acceptance is to hire a Social Security Attorney in Wheaton. Only with an experienced Disability Attorney in Wheaton can you be expected to successfully understand the process and navigate through the paperwork. They will fight for your rights to get the help you genuinely need. Visit The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. website online for more information.

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