In Home Nursing Care Bethesda MD Provides Families Security

May 05, 14 In Home Nursing Care Bethesda MD Provides Families Security

When a loved one is not well and is admitted to the hospital it often finds the family in crisis. When the illness is not expected and occurs quite suddenly sometimes new decisions face a family. In the instance of a heart attack, or stroke this is very common. Where an aged parent or loved one might of before been able to function at home well enough to live at home they may now find themselves unable to function as well as before. If suddenly their condition finds them unable to have full range of motion or function out of one side of their body suddenly their situation is drastically changed. Often this is the first onset that the individual will need in home nursing care in Bethesda MD.

Bethesda being home to many great hospitals and so near the Capital finding adequate in home nursing care in Bethesda MD isn’t hard to do. The important thing to do first is to assess the patients care needs. Will they be leaving the hospital and discharged to a rehabilitation facility? Many times with seniors who have suffered a stroke that has cost them considerable mobility and strength issues along one whole side of their body a hospital step down rehabilitation unit is in order. In these units there is medical staff that attends to their needs, however a stay in rehabilitation is a limited amount of time, so hiring an in home nursing care provider from Bethesda MD is an important step to integrate.

By hiring in home nursing care in Bethesda MD the family is performing two functions at once. The first is that they are seeing to it that their loved one is getting round the clock care and that all their needs are being met. Also they have a patient advocate and a third party check on the rehabilitation staff and what is being done with the patient during the day. As most family members can only visit in the evenings and the doctor’s make rounds during the day, the in home nursing care from Bethesda MD can leave a notebook with a daily report of the patients care during the day.

In addition most physical and speech therapies are conducted during the day. As the in home nursing care provider from Bethesda MD will be there attending they will know how to continue therapy exercises once the patient is discharged. Carrying on and following through with such therapies can make all the difference as to whether the patient recovers range of motion and speech once returning home.

By hiring in home nursing care from Bethesda MD to start attending to your loved ones needs while they are still in a rehabilitation facility will give your loved one the very best chance for a speedy recovery.

Capital City Nurses in-home nursing care in Bethesda MD allow our clients to retain their dignity and independence by remaining in their own homes. Contact us for more information on our in-home care services.


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