In it for the Long Haul: The Pros and Cons of Truck Driving

May 31, 17 In it for the Long Haul: The Pros and Cons of Truck Driving

Truck driving is an in-demand career that can be very rewarding in both recognition and pay. With the good, there of course comes a perceived downside. This article will cover a high-level detail of what trucking jobs in Wisconsin are really all about. Over the road trucking is by far the largest division in logistics across all industries, and this article will focus on the topic from this perspective.

About Trucking Jobs in Wisconsin

There are many reasons people go into truck driving. One is that they just want to see the country and get paid for it. Another popular demographic in modern history are career changers. With a competitive salary, typically great benefits and being able to work independently are among the top reasons people research this career so frequently. Over the years, trucking has grown as has the population. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, trucking is projected to increase about as fast as the average at 5 percent per year through 2024.

Job Requirements

Truck drivers are of course expected to be “good” drivers. A driving record from the Department of Motor Vehicles will provide the employer with a point of view to go on for trucking jobs. Wisconsin residents with DUIs or suspensions within the last few years would probably not be the most competitive candidates. Drug testing and criminal background checks are also required by state and federal DOT guidelines, as is a physical exam. Should everything check out, the driver will be on their way to getting licensed for their new career.

Expectations and Commitment

As previously mentioned, like any career position, trucking has its ups and downs. Among the positive attributes are being able to travel for free and making new connections. Trucking companies typically value their drivers, so they are compensated accordingly. It’s also great to know that the driver is helping others by providing a necessary service of keeping the supply chain moving. Among the downsides are; dealing with traffic, a high level of responsibility, and occasionally long hours which can lead to stress. Summarily, when it comes to trucking jobs, Wisconsin drivers have an opportunity here that is well worth exploring.

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