In the Information Age, Nimble Security Is a Must

When data is a commodity, finding ways to exploit it is often a matter of finding the path of least resistance. In the information age, there are perhaps more security risks to business than ever before. In a nexus of commercial development, innovation, and enterprise like Orange County, even small companies need to get in front of potential risks and head them off before a small leak becomes a major liability. Not every business can afford its own security firm, but there are a few areas that can be addressed without the need for costly consultants or contract experts.

Building access is perhaps one area of security that many Orange County small businesses don’t do enough to safeguard. Every company should have a closely monitored key policy with limited distribution of keys. Electronic locks, in which each individual is assigned a unique key card to allow entry, is perhaps one of the most secure methods of controlling access. Even more sophisticated electronic keying systems can track individual entry times and locations. But even mechanical lock-and-key access can be made more secure.

Depending on the type of business, visitor access can be a risk to security. A carefully planned visitor policy will ensure that visitors don’t get access – either accidentally or deliberately – to areas with company assets or sensitive information. Visitor badges, which must be displayed at all times, are a simple approach. Requiring visitors to sign in and out ensures that a record of all individuals on the premises is available if a breach occurs. It may also be advisable to require visitors to be accompanied by an employee at all times.

Of course, when it comes to protecting information these days, building security is sometimes an issue of minor importance. If a company has just a single computer, it’s already facing numerous threats from outside intrusion. Commercial computer systems are designed with extensive layers of security, but it is incumbent upon every employee to be vigilant about keeping abreast of new or changing risks. But the greatest risks to Orange County businesses may not come from hackers or even malicious software, but rather from the vast pool of information known as social networking. Nearly all employees have access to the Internet 24/7, whether via a company PC, laptop, or smartphone. The transmission of information can be deliberate or inadvertent, but any company seeking to stem the flow of sensitive information should have strict policies regarding online activity and business assets – as well as concrete software and hardware safeguards to enforce them.

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