Information on the Best Invisalign Treatment Dentist in Wilton

Dec 12, 13 Information on the Best Invisalign Treatment Dentist in Wilton
Most everyone is concerned with their appearance. Part of having a nice appearance is having an appealing smile. If your teeth are crooked and not aligned properly, it can affect how your smile looks. This can make you feel nervous about showing your teeth in social situations where you have to talk, eat or smile. Though you could have metal braces placed on your teeth and have them straightened, these can be cumbersome and uncomfortable for some people. If you want your teeth straightened, but do not want to deal with wearing metal braces, you can receive treatment from the Best Invisalign Treatment Dentist in Wilton.

How Does Invisalign Work to Straighten Your Teeth?

When you go for Invisalign, the dentist will first measure your teeth and make a mold of your upper and lower teeth. This mold will provide the dental lab with a guide for creating your aligners. The Invisalign aligners are created from a durable plastic that is strong enough to guide your teeth into place and protect against damage. The lab will create multiple sets of aligners for you, because you will change them out periodically.

Most people will wear their aligner for a period of two weeks. This allows the teeth to be moved into the position the aligner guides them into. Once the aligner has done its job, you will throw it out and put a new aligner in. Each aligner works to slightly move your teeth into proper position. Many people are able to achieve their level of straightening within a year’s time, while others may require longer. Your length of treatment depends on your age and your level of alignment issues.

If you are interested in learning more about the Best Invisalign Treatment Dentist in Wilton, contact the office of Dr. Keith Rudolph and make an appointment today. In a year, you could have the beautiful smile you always dreamed of, improving your appearance and your self-confidence. There is no time like the present, to straighten your teeth. This can not only improve the way your smile looks, but can also stop any pain and discomfort.

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