Innovative Designs and Quality Swimming Pool Supplies in Overland Park

by | May 6, 2014 | Swimming Pools and Spas

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Swimming pools are aesthetically pleasing, increase home values and are a wonderful way for families to get the exercise they need together. They are also fun. If you have considered getting a pool, here are some facts that may finally convince you it is time.

Get Exercise

Anyone can work out in a pool because it is entirely impact free and the buoyancy can make it easy for even people with back injuries or weight issues to move more easily. A casual swim will burn as much as 500 calories per hour. Picking up the pace will help you burn even more.

Be Healthier

A recent study by the Center for the Science of Swimming at Indiana University at Bloomington showed that people who have been lifetime, habitual swimmers are physically up to 20 years younger than their non-swimming counterparts.


Having a pool in your own yard make it easy for children to learn water safety and how to swim at a very early age.

Fun and Family

With a pool in the yard, you have the perfect place to entertain. You can spend time together as a family or with friends. Your children will invite their friends over, so they will be home more. You can cool off without having to travel or spend money to constantly head to the beach.

Property Value

Homes with pools that are well maintained will see an increase in home value. Should you eventually decide to sell, not only will it sell for more, but statistically will sell faster.

If you are ready to design your new pool and stock up on all the games and supplies to make it fun and safe for everyone, visit Banks Blue Valley Pool and Spa Designs. They are the top provider of Swimming Pool Supplies in Overland Park. They can help you to design the backyard of your dreams and keep it clean and running perfectly.

They offer a complete pool service, vacation service and all the advice you will ever need. Their designs are unique and they carry all the top brand name products for pools and spas. Contact them for a design estimate today.

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