Jazz Vocalist Have a Sound That Is Unlike All Others

Jan 19, 21 Jazz Vocalist Have a Sound That Is Unlike All Others

When you talk to a jazz vocalist about how it is that they found their style, you will hear a wide array of comments. However, most jazz vocalists will agree that the goal is to try to move people. There is no typical jazz singer. Jazz singers come from a cross-section of the globe. Each one of them brings a unique sound that they are able to fit into the traditions of jazz.

At the end of the day, the goal must be to find a way to bring their message across the border. In other words, they approach their music in a way that is uniquely theirs. They find a way to tell their story so that it is appealing to the ears and the hearts of their listeners.

It is not about the lyrics. It is about the human condition. For some who are just getting into jazz, it can be difficult to wrap their mind and their vocal style around. It can sound artificial if they are trying to emulate the sound that they have heard from others. And at the outset, that’s okay. That’s the way that people learn.

However, there has to reach a point where the jazz vocalist is able to take the sounds they are trying to emulate, their unique voice, and the voice that is associated with jazz and meld those together until they are able to create a cohesive sound. While they take their cues from the melody, they are guided by their heart.

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