Joint Pain Has Become a Serious Problem

Apr 14, 20 Joint Pain Has Become a Serious Problem

As the population in this country has become more aware of the benefits of an active healthy lifestyle and as scientific breakthroughs are curing many diseases that used to be incurable, people are living longer lives, which has increased the incidence of arthritis in a vast majority of Americans. If you are suffering with joint pain in Jacksonville area, there can be pain relief for you. There are new innovative treatments in the field of pain management.

Symptoms of Joint Pain
Joint pain can be debilitating and cause you to hurt all over your body. It is harder to concentrate and to enjoy the activities that you love doing. One cause of joint pain is bursitis. That is when the bursa becomes inflamed and can no longer cushion the joint. You might feel twinges of pain all the way up to pain that causes you to be unable to perform your daily duties. This can be treated with anti-inflammatory medications referred to as NSAIDS or with steroid injections or in certain cases, surgical intervention. Another leading cause of joint pain is arthritis which can cause your joints to exhibit symptoms like swelling, tenderness, or restrict your movement. Your pain specialist might treat the problem with cortisone injections directly into the affected area, prescription medications or a brace to restrict movement to allow the area such as a knee or shoulder time to heal.

Continue Leading a Full Active Lifestyle
There is no reason for you to suffer with joint pain. A pain management specialist can help you to continue to lead an active life. Living with what can be continuous pain not only causes you to cut back on the activities are need or love to do, it can cause you to suffer from anxiety and depression. Take charge of your joint pain by scheduling a consultation with one of the physicians at Riverside Pain Physicians and see how they can get you pain free and back to your normal routine.

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